The fact that the Chinese taxpayer is somehow responsible for something they had completely no control over is preposterous – expecting the Chinese people to feel responsible for the toll this pandemic has taken on the world is no less hilarious than expecting current generation white Americans to pay reparations for the genocide of the natives.

It’s quite (sadly) interesting how one of the biggest reasons why such a huge percentage of native Americans died off early on during the Spanish & British settlements was because they had no immunity against the diseases brought in by them and their animals – I’m sure as hell nobody’s ever been unilaterally held responsible for that.

So, who’s really responsible for this crisis? The Chinese people or the CPC? Because expecting the “Chinese” to pay reparations is essentially the same as asking the taxpayer to do so – whom, which I’m sure many will agree with, should have no responsibility for what has come to happen. How does one plan to punish a country (or, specifically, the country’s government) without punishing its innocent citizenry?